All SIGs and Mini-Courses are Cancelled Until Further Notice

January 20, 2009 by

Digital Photography SIG Cancelled for Rest of 2008

October 14, 2008 by

To give attendees, presenters and coordinators time to recoup from Ike and focus on immediate concerns, ALL monthly Digital Photo SIG (Special Interest Groups) meetings have been canceled through the end of 2008.  This includes the Digital Photo SIG scheduled for Sat. Oct. 25 at 9:30.  The Photo Fest is also canceled.  Starting in January 2009 we can look forward to resuming the schedule and meeting with friends who share a common interest.

Presentation topics that were canceled will be rescheduled.

Forwarding Emails Containing Embedded Pictures

August 19, 2008 by

by jim evans for John Yoder

If a forwarded email is received by someone that had imbedded pictures, but they showed up as boxes with x’s, the SENDER may re-send using a copy of the email with the pictures, but sending it as an original, not a forward. The sender highlights and copies the email, pastes it on a new email and sends it to the recipient. It will work every time.

This was suggested by my ISP, Earthlink, on my Comcast cable connection. They said that successive forwarding sometimes corrupts the imbedded pictures. I don’t know how to restore a corrupted picture email without having the sender re-send by the above process.  In other words, I can’t take a received box with a little x and do anything with it by myself. Earthlink could not help me with that aspect.

Perhaps there is someone in HAL-PC that can shed some light on a fix.  It is interesting that some recipients of a forwarded embedded email that I send receive it just fine, while others get a corrupted version.

Correction & Expansion on a Discussion from the Saturday 6/21 Meeting

June 23, 2008 by

I owe Steve K an apology. In a discussion of scanning last Saturday he said he did not think his scanner needed to upsample to obtain higher resolution. I said it did. Assuming he has a scanner purchased in the last few years he was probably right and I was probably wrong. Given this, my position that the better method of enlarging an existing print is to scan at 300 ppi and upsample in your image editor is not as certain as I stated it in the meeting.

To see my mea culpa and a further discussion of overscanning vs upsampling to pump up the pixel count to enlarge an existing print Click Here.

4-up still photo consolidation needed

June 3, 2008 by

by jim evans for Dick Brotzman

Is there a software product out there that helps one build a composite photo display [as opposed to printed hard copy] comprised of either 4 or 6 individual photos arranged in either a 2 X 2 or a 2 X 3 matrix? I am trying to put together a slide show on DVD that would show a matrix of about 4″ by 6″ pictures at one time. Once I get the pages of pictures assembled, I would then add some voice narration for each page.

Do you know of any product that provides the capability to build these matrices of pictures? Thanks for the help


Leo Waltz emailed me this because pictures cannot be included in replies.

How about this example with 3 x 2 horizontal:

These were automatically generated from selected files in a folder, but it’s a snap with Diji Album from but for some reason that product is no longer on their home page, so try here: and we find it !! The program has a lot of versatility beyond this. and note the “more software” link at the bottom of the page.
Yes, you can insert a sound file or record directly with the program.

Layers Talk at April 19th Meeting

April 21, 2008 by

Here are a couple of things I failed to mention during the presentation.

  • Layers can only be saved using your picture editor’s native file format (*.psd for photoshop, *.psp for Paint Shop Pro, etc) and TIFF. TIFF will save layers and is a universal format rather than a proprietary one but I haven’t used it in several years and am not sure if it has kept up with all the newer features. I would use your editor’s native format and worry about converting later if that ever comes up.
  • PhotoShop Elements does not support layer masks innately but go here to get an Add-in for this feature

— jim

Anyone Know About This Slide and Film Negative Scanner?

February 14, 2008 by

by Carl Farley for Murray McAndrew . . .

The Hammacher Schlemmer Co. advertises a slide and film negative scanner that’s small and portable. I would be interested in knowing opinions from other members of our Digital Photo SIG whether there is enough data on the specifications for this device to make a judgement about “will it really do a good job” or would a good scanner be a better choice for this job.  Are other specs needed to make a decision and, if so, what are they? I w0uld also be interested in learning what other devices members use (just) for slide and film negative scanning. Go here:

Thanks for posting this.

Need Help Changing Black-and-White Photos to Color

January 22, 2008 by

by Carl Farley for Kangavkar Shantinath . . .

I was looking into converting some of my old black and white pictures into color. On the internet, I found the web site below. Have you come across similar or other software which can convert B&W into color pictures? Please let me know if you have any experience in this kind of “transformation”.
o Go here for the web site: 

Need Help Burning Files to CD/DVD

January 18, 2008 by

by Carl Farley for Charlie Aselin . . .

I’m saving .tif files to DVD or CD rom but the computer hangs before the file is saved. Any ideas? I’ve increased the size of the page files and the computer has 2 GB of memory on an XP Home PC.
Thanks for any ideas you can give me.

Need Help with Binocular Camera

January 18, 2008 by

by Carl Farley for Mike Bowers . . .

I’ve recently picked up a BinoCam Binocular Camera, and for some reason cannot seem to get the thing to download pics that I take.  The camera seems to shut down before I can activate a  download.  Just wondering if you’ve had some experience with these cameras?  I went by Wolf Camera Store but the Tech said that he did not know anything about these type digital cameras that are intended for Bird Watching and long distance pics.

Any help would be appreciated as I did not locate much over the Internet.